Copping the Flack and Attacks in Poker

It seems no matter what you do or where you go these days, someone always wants to attack you for your hard work in one way or another. I have done a lot of free work, worked 16 hour days as part of my input to the world of poker yet still this isn’t good enough, it demands slander in some people’s eyes.

Sure, I have worked hard to get somewhere in the journalism side of poker and I had to do it for free in some cases over the years. That doesn’t mean I should be slaughtered if my work is not up to scratch – right? Nor should any of my friends or colleagues!

An example I can give of things that I have copped is when a very well known poker player attacked my writing skills on a public forum. Really it made me so sad! I couldn’t believe it; although maybe he was right and I was just up myself for thinking my writing was fabulous! Regardless the very same man not long later was saying how great the article I wrote about HIM was. hmmm it made me wonder!

Since then I have looked very closely at the personal attacks against me. Some attacks called for–> due to a mistake or two, some not. I also looked very closely at other people getting attacked. They were all females! There were signs up saying “Get back to the kitchen” (I so detest that saying) and “come serve me my drinks” in a matter of words. I then realised that I had been fighting an uphill battle all this time.

Any wonder I was so depressed and stressed throughout the years. Poker IS a man’s world still. Or is it? I have done further research to find that men actually fear women at a poker table; although there are some that don’t. I also found that those who don’t fear them see them as equals and are just as scared about getting their ass whooped by the women as the best of the men.

In regard to writing and particularly writing strategy, I avoid it as right as it may be. It seems that writing any form of poker strategy gets you in to crap if you have a rack as a chest LOL. Players over look beginners strategy who have played for years and then tell you, you’re wrong! I am NOT alone here!

Take this slaughtering for example and let me know if you agree that I cop personal attacks:


I suggested; that you can easily steal blinds off those multi tabling. Some people have 10 tables or more up at once and simply miss the fact that you have just pinched a blind. Now, let’s remember – I am not telling this information to those who have 4 monitors and 10 years of poker experience who are using tracking systems (illegal anyway) and know their STUFF! I am telling beginners to attack other beginners who think they know it all but really are fish……

2,400 people + viewed the attack against me (it was also against a friend) saying I/we was in idiot for teaching new players incorrectly. There’s my point. I didn’t teach them incorrectly at all, in-fact; this is damn good PROVEN strategy. To check who is multi-tabling is one of the first things people do, especially on cash tables. Now if a newbie was playing on 10-20 online poker tables  – as if you couldn’t steal a blind from them. Go ahead and try and play 10-20 yourself!

I saw a similar strategy post by a male not so long ago. He was praised. One day I am hoping I will also be praised for my hard work! To live the life of this Hot Aussie Chick (being me) and not be in tears at times for the crap I have gone through has been tough; I will not deny that for a second. The thing is though – This young lassie is TOUGHER than most men can imagine and I get over it, on with it and continue fighting. I don’t care what the attack is – I am not going anywhere. Look forward to being a poker totty again in a year or two. Maybe by then I would have had that long awaited boob job Job :)