Babes In Poker Broadcasting and My Journey to Be One

It was almost a year and a half when I took the step to be the first fulltime broad in poker broadcasting, the first broad in broadcasting in Australia and pretty much the only fulltime poker broadcaster, journo, film reporter, mother, player, manager and everything else that I have been doing that I have missed.

I have always hated my own voice, probably everyone does! Broadcasting on the radio was a hard thing for me to do. I remember the first ever broadcast, I was as nervous as hell. I jagged the position with pokerpodradio after 5 mins worth of interview and thought “WOW! My voice must be good”. Indeed it was, the American audience loved it!

I felt like such a fool afterwards listening to it. I had said the words ummm and ahhhh around 140 times in 20 mins. I was so ashamed. I felt even further embarrassed and ashamed when family and friends listened and laughed. Doing the next show was going to be a difficult task to say the least.

Regardless I was encouraged to continue, Jack McAdoo praised my efforts and the sudden huge increase of traffic to the station. I did my next show being more then careful not to ummm and ahhhh as much so I wouldn’t again be laughed at. I also thought I would try and change my voice a little, it’s not something that is easy to do – change your voice, so I left it be after about 2 minutes of talking.

Recording radio in conjunction with residents of the USA also has its difficulties. The time zone difference is a huge factor, another thing I had to work out with the recording studio and of course my life!

Anyway, my plight continued and a year later I am still recording. I now have 2 shows. I have copped a ton of crap from people that seem full of jealousy more than anything. I don’t know they could do it, in fact I think they couldn’t if they tried! Talking nonstop, un-scripted for around 20-30mins is NOT easy and you have to know your topics.

There are a few more broads in broadcasting now. One I have helped along the track to poker radio. Some come and go; some just stay for a show or two or are special guests. Regardless I am happy to say that I am now the woman who has been the longest in poker radio broadcasting on a permanent level and happier to say that the show I do is ranked number one in Australia and the rest of the world it is kicking butt too. My name is well known in the USA and I wouldn’t be known at all if I hadn’t have overcome my broadcasting fears.

I am very glad that I again IGNORED those who attacked me and put me down. The truckloads of them!

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