Poker Impact on My Family Life

 It is hard as a poker professional to deal with the up’s and down that poker can bring to family life. Poker is a career which can cause arguments and sadness throughout many families and mine is no different. By poker professional I don’t mean just playing poker. Many tasks in a poker player’s job do not require playing the game itself. There is press to deal with, blogs to write, events to attend and in the sake of my life interviews, stories and radio broadcasting to deal with.

My family has an issue with poker as a career as the earnings can go up and down. The more cash poker I play the more I earn. Not being a fulltime forced job and having children, sometimes i just don’t play. I don’t play a lot actually! This is most of my wage and not playing means my family does go without. I am not a millionaire; if I was there wouldn’t be an issue. This can make mothers, fathers, brothers, aunt’s, sisters EVERYONE look down on your career and attack it!

I have had issues with working for overseas companies related to poker where pay’s simply didn’t turn up, were short, late or insufficient to survive on. So working a job in the poker industry on some counts isn’t much better. Issues like this leave kids pondering, worried and fretful for even the basic needs. Depending on myself in this industry is so much better, as I can tell my immediate family (my children) straight that there will, or will not be money to pay for sport, treats and tracksuits this week.

Take away the money equation and family members can look down on you for simply playing poker. In my experience many people see poker as putting a coin in a slot machine and pushing a button. They do not realise that playing cash poker does not work like this. There is no explaining it to them either. Even when a continual wage comes in, they see it as a nonstop lucky streak.

With poker comes travel too and for me that’s hard. Going away a week or even sometimes weeks apart is very hard on children. My children miss me after a day, little kids need their mum. I admit that I love the break from the PC, the kids, the housework and even the boyfriend! It isn’t like that for them though, they are dependant. This causes all sorts of arguments! People can see poker as a no win situation on every level. At least they do in my family circle!

When my children miss me during grinding sessions I simply call them when I have a BIG hand that I take down and show them that what mummy is doing does sometimes pay off. It seems to bring a smile to a face.