Choosing My Poker Variant and Choosing Live Vs Online

 NL Texas Hold’em is without a doubt in my mind the fad! It is also the king of poker with the biggest tourneys and the biggest risk too! The words all-in are what makes the game so hard. Making the all-in call for my tournament life or $200 on a cash table is a hard thing to do. It’s even harder when you play poker for a living. The words all-in can be used as an advantage also though; don’t be mistaken about that for one second. If one sees tremendous weakness and doubt in another player all-in is usually the perfect way to push them out of a pot. In saying this, players do put on Hollywood acting stunts to get you to do just that. The situation always has to be analysed.

This all-in issue doesn’t occur in a lot of poker variants though. I love all poker variants and for me to choose MY Poker variant has been a hard thing to do. I am still trying to decide which game suits me best. I have had absolutely brilliant results in Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo 8OB, razz and the king of poker too. I have had some awesome results in H.O.R.S.E as well (a combination of games for those who don’t know). Although I started playing online poker as a Texas Hold’em player I grew up watching and knowing stud, just another variant to add to the list.

Regardless of what I know or what I am best at I am pushed to choose my favourite poker variants as my games of choice. NL Texas Hold’em and PL Omaha Hi have got to be my favourites. In particular I like the high that one gets from pushing people all in. This can also be achieved in PL Omaha, the pots can be as big as your stack in no time.

In reality I should probably play the poker variants that I am best at which really only leaves stud and razz out of the equation for me. I think I am ok at both NL Texas Hold’em and PL Omaha, unfortunately not a WSOP champ at either though. My biggest win ever was in PL Omaha placing 32nd (by memory – could have been 38th) / over 8000 players on Pokerstars, unfortunately I didn’t win as much as I would have loved to! I did however get a shark’s tale on sharkscope which was much better being a fish out of water. Choosing my poker variant regardless of how I perform is always going to come down to enjoyment for me, even if poker is my career. Poker is the same as any job, there is no point living and doing a job you don’t like! In saying that, you will not see me playing Manilla in a hurry!

In regards to playing, I admit I am an online geek! I still firmly believe in my heart that I will kick some serious arse when it comes to a nice big live play tourney though! One day I will build up the guts to pay a nice big buy-in for a live tourney. If the fact be known, no-one really knows how I play and expectations are that I can’t! I would hate to live up to that expectation in front of a big crowd at the casino. Sure I can play cash but tourneys are different. I guess for now I will stick with online and hide away from the gawking eyes.

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  1. I too learnt poker playing stud, it must be the most interesting way to learn to play poker because you get to see what other people are playing therefore build up a picture of what is a goo hand etc.

    BTW have you tried Badugi? that game is sick…

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