Living My Poker Life Style – The High’s and Low’s!

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Many people only see the brilliant aspects of a poker lifestyle. They see the trophies, the events, and the travel. People see parties and gatherings, pin-ups and articles. Players new to the game also see money, money, money. Let me tell you though that the poker business is a serious one. It took me a long time to realise that poker is indeed a lifestyle, not just a game and that lifestyle can give you more bad beats then the game of poker its self. Again; the poker industry is a serious business and there are very few people that walk into this business with little clue and walk out of it a million buck richer!

I am not trying to scare anyone away from the poker industry, the deeper one gets into a poker lifestyle and the more skilled they become in their given areas, the easier life can be for them. I encourage everyone to try it out, but do it wisely.

I gave up my day job far too early. Alike with the saying that applies to singers I realise it also applies to poker players. I shouldn’t have given up my day job until I could afford to support myself 100% playing as a poker professional. Before taking on other roles in the poker industry I was making around $300USD a week which is far from enough to feed, clothe and pay expenses with for my young family. BIG MISTAKE! If you are ever in a position where you are cashing out time and time again, ensure that it is enough, don’t be a fool like I was.

Since making this fatal mistake I have had to write, talk, report and at times rely on government benefits to get me through. There have been many times when I have lay in bed at night worry free after catching up on bills too but these times far outweigh the times I have lay in bed worrying about my next due telephone bill. That’s the money side of thing explained; my poker lifestyle has been a hard one to live financially and at some times emotionally; very emotionally!

Poker lifestyle and the enjoyment that comes with it as a whole I will never complain about. My poker lifestyle is fabulous overall. I get V.I.P. treatment quite a lot, have attended some wonderful functions, I enjoy my roles as a radio broadcaster and columnist for various publications and have met a massive amount of wonderful people who are likely to be lifelong friends. It really is a tight knitted little world of poker which has brought many smiles to my face.