Danielle the Poker Teller Machine Taking The Next Step in Poker

 I had played on play money tables a long time before I took the next step into real money online poker. I can’t quite remember what made me take the step into real money play. I know I was getting bored though with people calling every hand. Prior to depositing I can remember taking down my first tourney. I came 1st out of over 800 entrants, all I could think was “Imagine if I had wagered even $1” this wasn’t the case unfortunately; if it had have been I would have been sitting with a nice starting bankroll. Instead like a fool I had played a freeroll for hours on end for nothing. There wasn’t even any prize money. Talk about stupidity!

What I do realise looking back now is that I was still inexperienced at poker and was far from a master player. I was far from good at bankroll management too! In actual fact I knew nothing of bankroll management which is likely the reason I kept going busto. I played on Fulltilt Poker on cash tables at a much higher level then I should have and was the queen of donating at the time. I was calling crap and getting no-where but sad and frustrated. Things started to turn around for me when I joined a forum and had discussions with knowledgeable players; one named player on the forum was Gus Hansen. I really studied his game and listened to advice he gave out.

Things didn’t completely turn around for me though as I was trying to play like Gus Hansen on cash tables and in tourneys when in reality I still had very little clue. I called it driving my mouse like a Ferrari; I was not doing as well as I had hoped but was at least not bust again.

Learning correct bankroll management procedures was the thing that helped me most in addition to easing off in my over aggressive and maniac style plays when required. I must say that I am one happy little chick to have done that. Going busto over and over is bad news; it takes a long time to catch up. It would be correct in saying that I was a big huge fish and an ATM machine for some time. I sucked!

I have some serious advice for those players who are currently playing on play money tables or even on very low limit cash tables, micro sit n go’s and tourneys. Watch your wager! Do not spend all your bankroll at once, build on it! It seems to be the biggest mistake I see in new players both live and online. Don’t make the same mistake as I did, be patient, be willing to play low limits and stick to a % of bankroll. Also don’t do what I did and play with real money for fun as you skull some bourbon or champagne it is bad news! I personally never spend more than 10% of what I have at any given time; unless I have been drinking and are playing like a fool – I am not perfect, it happens still from time to time!