When Poker Friendship Turns To Love Obsession

 When people play poker day in, day out with each other they learn a lot about each other. They learn about each other’s backgrounds, families and living situations. Even playing at the same cash tables online you learn a lot about people. Some people choose not to chat even when you are having a friendly game. You learn what you should about these people; you learn to read their play. I am not here to talk poker strategy though; I wish to write about real life poker situations that I have been faced with.

Playing with friend’s day in day out for a long, long time I got very close to a few. One male friend in particular that wanted more than just friendship from me. I was lonely and bored and thought he was a really nice guy. His looks were not very desirable, in fact he was far from good looking, but looks don’t always count. Still I was far from interested in a relationship beyond good friends, regardless of my lonely situation. I was trying to revive a long term relationship at the time.

This man tracked his way from New Zealand to the United States; he was on a holiday with a mate of his. One would think that being on such a holiday that he would forget about all of his online poker friends; but he didn’t. He visited one whilst in the United States that he had met from our group of friends and he didn’t forget about me either, even though I was further away then what I would normally be. Australia is just a skip and a jump from New Zealand.

He rang me or text messaged me every single day while he was in the U.S, it got to the stage that it would have been odd if he didn’t. He also posted me a box of gifts, things from Vegas such as poker chips and a limited edition ashtray and even toys for my kids.

When he arrived home nothing really changed except the contact was again on Party Poker and chat and he r4eceived a lot less one on one talk. I tried to wean him away, he was getting far too much to handle. I receieved the biggest bunch of flowers I could imagine for my birthday and started getting emails about his love for me.

Now this would all be well and good if I cared for him as much back, but I was in a complicated relationship and had just moved back in with my partner and father of my young daughter. I had to try and stop this somehow; but he didn’t care about my relationship status and believed we were meant to be. Valentine’s Day put an end to the madness when the florist baring chocolates, a rose and an “I love you” balloon set my partners fiery temper off.

He was told once and for all and I have never heard from him since. I always think that if this man put as much effort into his poker game he would be the next WSOP winner. Really; in an odd kind of way, I hope he is one day!