I Met My Closest Friends Through Online Poker!

 I had met a wonderful group of people playing online on Party Poker otherwise I would never have played the game of poker as much as I did; also I never would have deposited and played for real money. I think it was fate that I met such wonderful people over a long period and made such special friendships. The meeting of people and friendships that one can make playing poker both online and live is just unreal!

People think that playing with the same people day in day out on an online poker site that you couldn’t possibly develop close friendships and meet lovers. I am here to tell them they are wrong! I learnt this through the friendships I made when I first started out in the poker industry and friendships I have made along the way. I have witnessed global love affairs and meet ups and even marriages. People I know have met each other playing poker online and have taken their relationships to the next level in many varied situations. Let me tell you about some of the best friends I have ever made. These people have now been friends for years and we met all on the same night. We were just playing for play money!

One of the best friends I could ever have is a man from Texas. I won’t tell you his name but merely what a wonderful friendship we have developed. He knows all of my family and close friends and if you know me well enough you definitely know him. We talk almost daily, share all our ups and downs and whine about our relationships or lack of! I am there for him if he needs a cheer up or some advice and he is there for me at my time of need. He has never missed a birthday and has loaned me money across the net when I have been as down and out as one can get. He is a true and golden friend.

Another one of the greatest friends I could have ever met lives not so far away, I was terribly nervous to meet her in real life. I had in the back of my mind that she could be anyone and do anything to me. Horrible thoughts! We have held each other’s hands through the worst of tragedies over the past years.

A close friend can’t be measured in distance. Another very close friend I would like to mention that I met playing online poker has travelled all the way to Australia and met up with me at Crown Casino in Melbourne as well as our other friends alike the lady I speak about above. She travelled merely for the purposes of meeting her poker friends – us!

Without a doubt in my mind if I am in desperate need these friends are going to be there for me, alike me for them. I love these friends alike family and we have had our little disputes but nothing can break a true friendship bond – regardless of where the friendship started.

Playing; poker online you can develop friendships. There is no doubt about that. Again; you can even find yourself getting married alike 2 friends from our party poker group earlier this year :)