How and Why I Started Playing Poker

 Making the decision to start playing poker was an easy one. Online poker is a game that anyone can play and it can take away a lot of boredom from a person’s life. Poker is also a game where you can make a lot of friends. It doesn’t matter if you are playing at an elite level or the lowest level there is; poker = friends. The game first came to my attention late one night when I was yet again stuck at home whilst everyone else was socialising. I wasn’t in the position to socialise; my life wasn’t going in a very good direction to say the least.

I went into my home office and sat at my PC and googled online poker games. This is when the words “play online poker” were first viewed by my eyes. I clicked the link and was taken to Party Poker. I downloaded, chose a name and started playing. This very night I found myself on play money tables with some other bored and lonely Aussie’s. They chatted, flirted and talked to each other like they had known each other for a long, long time. My evaluation on the length of their friendships was wrong; they had played online together for mere months.

These people explained to me that almost each and every night they met on Party Poker for a friendly game. They all sat back after they had eaten their dinner; sometimes before hand and played poker just like this! I was mesmerised to say the least. It was a very intriguing situation. It was like they lived in the same neighbourhood. They asked about each other’s working days, families and hardships. They were not all Australian; there was also what they called their resident Texan, twin girls from Oregan U.S. and a lady who was a French Canadian. On this same night a Danish lady had also joined this group of people alike I.

I asked them how many there were altogether, one man said that they usually took up 2 whole tables and had people on the waiting list. My next question of course was in relation to how they found each other. I was directed to the buddy list in the lobby to enter all of their names so I could find them and join their table easily the next time I played. I went to bed after a lot of fun playing my first ever online poker game pondering the thought “Is this reality or were they all just bullshitting me for a lot of fun?” Regardless, playing online poker for the first time on play money tables gave me the poker bug, it was a great feeling and I loved it!